Cones of Dunshire Live on Kickstarter

dunshireMayfair Games just released a Kickstarter that gives you the chance to buy your very own copy of The Cones of Dunshire designed by fictional number cruncher Ben Wyatt. Continue reading


Tiny Treads: Ogre Pocket Edition Review


Over the few years or so “Microgames” has been gaining an increasing amount of traction. From the charming Love Letter with its little velour pouch to the “pay-what-want” crowd-funding campaign for Coin Age, less has been more for a lot of designers recently.

 But small bags with lots of game inside are not a new invention. Ogre: Pocket Edition from Steve Jackson games was first released in 1977. As part of the 2012 Kickstarter for the truly gargantuan Ogre: Designer’s Edition the smaller version from over three decades ago got a relaunch in tandem with its larger cousin. Continue reading