Cones of Dunshire: Update


Last night I emailed Mayfair games and asked them quite simply “is this this for real?”. I have just received their reply and the answer is basically yes.

“This Deluxe version of the game is as close to the on-screen version of the game that you see in season six of Parks and Recreation as we can manage (and for us to be comfortable about the playability of it). This is meant to be the sprawling riot of pieces shown on the show, and the price reflects what it’s going to take to make something like that. This is designed for a select group of people that want the large-scale souvenir of the show and the game, and is not aimed at casual game fans.”

Explaining both the high price and the unusual choice of Kickstarter for such an established company as Mayfair Games they had this to say:

“This is going to be a small, one-time run of a giant prestige edition of the game, with disparate pieces, for a licensed property, for a niche audience. We think there is a few hundred people that want such a collector’s item, and we’ve provided a few cheaper items for folks that want more modest souvenirs of the show. This is why we went Kickstarter: to quickly gauge the actual interest for an expensive deluxe version similar to what you see on the show.”

Parks and Recreation

This one-time mega deluxe version of the game will include the following mind boggling list of components.

o   4 boards at 11” x 33” – making a 33” x 44” board (one board is raised)

o   8 cones approx. 2” high to elevate the 4th board

o   51 die-cut figures with bases

o   52 character sheets

o   12 building pieces

o   50 7” plastic colored cones (48 in four colors for gameplay, one cone sheath, one start player)

o   1 14” solid wood Cone of Decision

o   143 tarot-card sized cards (making up 7 decks)

o   Over 200 large and small plastic gems

o   85 metal coins

o   60 custom 6-sided dice

o   12 custom 8-sided dice

o   Front of Traganaro piece (tile sheet construct)

o   Rulebook and quick start rulesheet

The very idea of a quick start rulesheet for this game seems to me slightly hilarious. There was also mention of some kind of box/crate type thing which will have more details revealed at a later date.

So there you have it. The Cones of Dunshire, yours for only five hundred dollars, assuming it meets its funding goal. It does seem only prudent to use Kickstarter for something as bizarre and enormous as this, it really is the only way to quickly work out if anyone will buy this thing. At just shy of ten grand it’s some way off it’s funding target right now but with almost two months to go there’s plenty time. Maybe once people realise this is for real that number will sky-rocket though the initial sluggishness might suggest many people are just as sceptical as I was.

The Kickstarter video itself is wonderful and you really have to congratulate Mayfair on such an audacious stunt.

So there you go. One of the strangest Kickstarters and TV tie in board games I’ve ever witnessed but in a very good way. It’s genuine, it’s expensive, it’s yours if you want it.





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