Preview: Legend of the Five Rings

l5r01_featureIn the hotly competitive environment of Gencon it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd.

Making good games is a start, but a big marketing budget helps as well.

And they don’t come much bigger than the swollen coffers of Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). Continue reading


The In Flight Report: A Recap

Gen Con is all wrapped up now (meaning we can start looking forward to Essen) and the attendees will all be home recovering from four hectic days of gaming in Indianapolis.

As usual one of the most anticipated events at Gen Con was Fantasy Flight Games’ annual In Flight Report. Fantasy Flight, part of the Asmodee group are a behemoth in the world of modern board games and their annual update is where they announce some of their big releases for the coming year. Continue reading

Review: Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

image from Fantasy Floght Games online storeFantasy Flight Games have created something inarguably special with their range of Living Card Games. By combining the competitive deck construction of games like Magic: The Gathering with a business model that does away with random booster packs, and thus mitigates somewhat the accusations of ‘pay to win’ so often levelled at MtG, games like Android: Netrunner and Warhammer 40,000: Conquest have captured the gaming world’s imagination. Continue reading

Experience Bij: The Strange World of Video Board Games

TrekgameIt’s not exactly a controversial statement to say that board gaming is doing well just now. There is a veritable plethora of designers, artists and publishers making original and clever games.

Recently the Fantasy Flight XCOM Board Game caused something of a stir by using a digital app as not just an optional extra but rather a key integrated component to the game. The app, available on phones tablets and laptops, is vital to the game functioning as a timer and prompting players when new threats are appearing across the board.

Many welcomed this integration of digital and physical gaming while some were skeptical of the hybrid. Everyone though seemed to agree that it was new. I’m not sure everyone got this right. Continue reading

Board Game and Craft Beer Pairing

beerIt has long been a contention of mine that the craft beer industry has a lot in common with the contemporary board game world. While they may seem far apart both are the smaller cousins of a much larger industry, both are growing steadily, and both are made by people who take an immense pride in their work.

It’s also no secret that many board game nights, like any social occasion, can be enhanced with the addition of a little booze. So with that in mind Play is Important presents its pairing guide for board games and craft beer. Continue reading

An Interview With Avery Mcdaldno

burries with out ceremonyBurried Without Ceremony is the workshop of designer Avery Mcdaldno. Promising “games that mean something” Avery has produced several original R.P.Gs including The Quiet Year, Ribbon Drive, and Monsterhearts. For those unfamiliar with the world of Role Playing Games the Dungeons and Dragons episode of U.S sitcom Community might be the most popular cultural touchstone but there is more to the world of storytelling games than that. While Avery’s work doesn’t full scale reject high fantasy as a setting her influences are broader. Play is Important had caught up with Avery earlier in the month to talk to her about her work and where it comes from. Continue reading